I did it!

Despite the little cold I got this week I started my 10k run this morning! I know, you shouldn’t work out when having a cold but I just had to do it! I needed to prove myself that I am able to do this. And it had to be in my hometown, Munich.
And I did! It was amazing. I finished at 57:44 and almost cried. If someone would have told me last year that I would take part in a run I just wouldn’t have belived it.
Next goal: maybe a half marathon next year!

Keep running

I have my running phases. In the past I ran for a few months and then quit. Once I had really bad leg pain, so I quit. This spring I started once again. And it lasts now for about 6 months with a little pause in June. So I thought about taking place in a official run. I completed my first offical 5km run last Sunday. It was amazing! The finishing straight was an intense feeling. Next sunday is my second run. It’s going to be a 10km run. I filled out the application this morning and I’m so excited!