MOUNTAINS: Via Ferrata Mount Iseler

We had a weekend full of mountains.
On Sunday we did the Via Ferrata at Mount Iseler.

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INSPIRATION: Mountain Love

130712fi_mount1 130712fi_mount2 130712fi_mount3 130712fi_mount4 130712fi_mount5 130712fi_mount6 130712fi_mount7 130712fi_mount8If you want to send in pictures for the next inspiration post please send to:

MOUNTAINS: Changed Plans

Initially, we wanted to go snowboarding but the weather was really bad and it rained down in the valley. The snow was really sticky up on the mountain and we couldn’t get any speed. So we changed plans. We drove back to the city, bought some christmas presents and…swimsuits. Yeah! We wanted to go to a waterpark with waterslides, hot tub, outdoor pool and wave pool due to the bad weather. It was so much fun!



Higher than the sky

A few weeks ago we went hiking. It was the highest mountain I conquered (2592m/8500ft) and the longest tour with about 8 hours walking straight. The little  hiking guide we have said that this tour will take about 10 hours. What a great feeling doing it in a much shorter time! The weather was great, too, it was even the warmest day of the year so far.