TRAVEL: Vietnam Part 4

We started our next day really early and took the bikes to go to the beach. We watched the sunrise and went back to the town to look at the market. After that we had a little cooking class with a vietnamese chef. We now know how to make fresh spring rolls ans money bags. It was really good. In the afternoon we rented a motorroller and drove to My Son.

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TRAVEL: Vietnam Part 3

Our 9th day started in Hue. We visited the Tu-Duc Tomb. After that we rented Bikes and had a huge bike tour along the  Parfum River to the Thien-Mu Pagoda and to the Minh Mang Mausoleum. To bad it rained and we we’re drained after the bike tour.
On day 5 we drove over the Hai Van Pass to Hoi An. Which is a really nice little town at the sea.viet50_2 viet51 viet52 viet53 viet54 viet55 viet56 viet57 viet58 viet59 viet60 viet61 viet62 viet63

TRAVEL: Vietnam Part 1

Here are the first pics of our Vietnam/Cambodia vacation we did back in March/April.

We started in Ha Noi, which is a really beautiful city. At least the older part of it. We stayed in a hotel right in the middle of the historic quarter. The streets were alive! I really loved it. On our second day we drove to Ninh Binh and did a little boat tour and hiked up to a temple on top of a mountain.
On our third day we drove and stayed in Mai Chau. We rented some mountain bikes and had a tour through the mountains.


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Iceland Last Day

It poured on our last day. We wanted to hike to the highest waterfall of Iceland – Glymur. I was soaked only moments after starting to walk. We only hiked to a point where we were able to see the waterfall for the first time. A real bummer because it was really beautiful!
We spent the last night in Reykjavik. After a little dip in the hot pot we went to bed early since we had to get up really early for our return flight.
Iceland was really beautiful and I’m glad I had the chance to visit this beautiful country!

Iceland Day 6

On the sixth day in Iceland we drove around the peninsula Snæfellsnes.
In Stykkishólmur we came across the filmset of Ben Stillers new movie “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty”. So the last pic shows the camera crew in the front and the set in the back.

Northern lights

My dreams came true. I’ve always wanted to see an aurora. And after a few researches befor traveling to Iceland I got a little sad because everybody said it is very unlikely to see an aurora at this time of a year in Iceland. But hope dies last. As we drove through the night I noticed the clear sky and some white streaks. I got my camera and took a photo and it turned green. I got really, really excited and started taking photo immediately. I was so fascinated and couldn’t stop saying wow, amazing and breathtaking. It lasted almost 2 hours and we almost had to sleep in our car.