Travel: Top Ten

Here is my Top Ten list of places I want to see.

Cambodia / Hawaii / Nepal / Norway / New Zealand / Chile / Patagonia / Tokyo / South Africa / Venice
(All pics found on

13 thoughts on “Travel: Top Ten

  1. Great List! I’ve just been to Norway – really have to see much more of the world!
    Where did you find those amazing pictures? 🙂

  2. Some beautiful places on the list. I’ve been lucky enough to have been to several of them. You won’t be disappointed. Of them all, I most fell in love with Patagonia. It isn’t a place, it’s an addiction. Travel well, even if just dreaming!

  3. The deed is done..I have posted the link and my chosen phot from these wonders … and lo and behold THIS WAS MY 300th post!!! Thank you . I guess you will colour up the loves of a few more people through their follows and likes!

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